Group Therapy

Chances are that you’ve come to the right place…

Are you exhausted?

You’ve been carrying too much of the load for too long and keeping it all to yourself. You have been asking all the right questions but know that others won’t give you the answers you seek. Keeping secrets from yourself and others is running you down.

Come find others to share the burden…

Feeling overwhelmed?

You know that you can’t manage it all but don’t know who can help you. You experience lots of feelings or no feelings at all, and you don’t know how to feel anymore. There is too much to deal with. Everything is just too intense. You are feeling bitter due to your unmet expectations, and you are just putting one foot in front of the other and hoping it will change.

Find people who can help you simplify…

Are you isolated from others?

You don’t know who to share your feelings with. You worry that the people you want to talk to won’t understand your thinking, experiences, or views – that they will reject you or worse. You know there is something different about you, but you don’t want to rock the boat or hurt the people you love with your worry, sadness, and pain. You are afraid to try and make new friends – that will be even harder.

Meet others who share your experiences, struggles, and strengths…

Dealing with anxiety?

Fear of loss is your constant friend. You worry that you are losing the respect of those around you. There’s the fear of losing those connections that have been such a fixture for so long. You might be worried that you won’t be able to get or keep a job or make ends meet. You worry that you are losing your reputation – becoming that person you no longer like, bossy, challenging, impatient. You are afraid that everything that could go wrong will go wrong. You can’t sleep and are feeling uncomfortable. You are not yourself.

Share your fears and doubts with people who have been there…

Are you battling depression?

You are feeling flat. The world is closing in around you, and it’s hard even to notice what is going on. You have no energy, no desire to do anything fun – nothing at all. You keep telling yourself to ‘snap out of it,’ but that isn’t working. You can’t think of solutions to anything. Even using the computer is exhausting.

Find people who can help you find the fun again!

Feeling discouraged?

Exhausted, overwhelmed, isolated, anxious, or depressed, it’s hard not to be discouraged. You have tried again and again to do your best, make yourself heard, to change your relationships with the people in your life, to create new ones, to calm yourself down, to boost your spirits.

But you can’t do it all on your own. Maybe it’s time to try the right group for you!

Finding the group that’s right for you…

New Milford Counseling offers several different groups. Here are some that are currently available. Each group will be guided by Vanessa N. Weber, LCSW or a similarly qualified therapist and members must be screened before joining to ensure a fit and security.

Support for Families of Current or Former Cult Members

Two groups are forming that deal with cults or high-intensity group experiences. The first one is for ex-members and the second one is for family members of current or former members of these types of groups.

The Ex-Members Group is made of ex-members of many different types of high-intensity or ‘cultic’ groups. All members must have left their group. If you are in the process of leaving, discuss this with your group facilitator. Each participant must meet with Vanessa Weber or a co-leader she designates, in advance. This meeting ensures that you are ready for the group.

Topics may include but are not limited to: challenges in leaving, struggles to communicate with friends in the group, reconnecting to family members, how to explain ‘my’ situation to others, what is ‘brainwashing,’ and much more.

The Group meets once a month on Sunday afternoons from 4-6 in New Milford, CT, or online. It is a drop-in group, and members may attend as many sessions as they wish. Vanessa Weber, LCSW or a similarly trained therapist will lead the group.

The Parent’s Group is for family members who are struggling or have struggled with having a family member in a cult or high-intensity group experience. In this group, family members might talk about difficulties in talking to their loved ones, understanding mind control, developing realistic expectations of the exiting process, and much more. Like the Ex-Members Group, the Parent’s Group will be facilitated by Vanessa N Weber LCSW or a qualified therapist.

*We are currently exploring group participation on Telehealth, so ask to see which version is currently in process.

Support for Survivors of Unethical Psychics

This group is very similar to the Ex-Members Group above, with the exception that it is primarily for ex-psychic victims. Many cults also use ‘psychic’ manipulation. If there aren’t enough members for this group, we may suggest that you join the Ex-Members Group until one forms, above.

Although there are many, many similarities between both groups, there are a few differences. These may include but are not limited to: more one-on-one manipulative relationships, a dependence on a variety of psychics including ‘phone’ psychics, more exposure to overt financial fraud, such as roofing schemes, etc.

Ex-cult members and victims of unethical psychics may both experience curses or promises of harm or disaster for non-compliance, promises of utopia (the Promised Land, Ideal Community, The Perfect Partner, great wealth, etc.). A high degree of manipulation and personal and financial control over the member/victim.

Support for Family Members of Psychics Victims/Survivors

The Parent’s Group is for family members who are struggling or have struggled with having a family member who is or has been involved with unethical psychics. In this group, family members might talk about difficulties in talking to their loved ones, understanding mind control, developing realistic expectations of the exiting process, and much more. Like the Ex-Members Group, the Parent’s Group will be facilitated by Vanessa N Weber LCSW or another qualified therapist.

Adoptive Families

There are often two types of adoptive families. Those that are seeking to adopt and those that have and are seeking support. This group will be inclusive of both sets of parents and, if necessary, will be split up into both types of groups. Topics may include but are not limited to: getting through the adoption process, navigating home studies, completing paperwork, navigating DCF, expectations of what your kids might be like, etc. Or, transitions with your kid back home, parenting challenges, early diagnostics, telling your child about their adoption, etc. The group will be guided by Vanessa N Weber, LCSW or similarly qualified therapist.

Parenting Group

This group will be for either biological or adoptive parents and will focus on the Parenting With Love and Logic Method founded by Foster Cline, MD, and Jim Fay. This system emphasizes teaching children responsibility and teaches parents how to handle raising children from birth through adolescence. This group will be put together on an as-needed basis and will be run by someone trained in the Love and Logic System.

Single Parent Group

This group will be a drop-in parent support group for single parents. The purpose of the group is to help single parents navigate relationships with others and cope with children. Topics may include but are not limited to: kids and divorce, handling transitions, finding support, fine-tuning support systems, helping your children deal with the other parent, dating, and more. The group will be guided by Vanessa N Weber, LCSW or similarly qualified therapist.

Support Group for ADHD or Executive Function-Challenged Adults/Kids

This group will be for adults and/or teens who are challenged by ADHD or Executive Function issues and want to learn new skills to manage their common problem. It may be split depending on the size and the age of participants. Topics may include but are not limited to: how to harness motivation, planning, and follow-through. How to manage forgetfulness, how to improve functioning in the workplace or school, and more. How to address moods and interpersonal communication with peers, family, and co-workers. The group will be guided by Vanessa N Weber, LCSW or similarly qualified therapist.

Neither individual therapy nor a self-help group…

Group counseling involves a group of people and a professionally trained therapist but, unlike a self-help group in which no professional is involved, the therapist acts primarily as a facilitator.

This means that I’ll guide you, help the group set limits and goals, encourage achievement of those goals, and help you solve problems and resolve conflicts along the way. I’ll even teach you some skills you need to get along with others and help you get your needs met. To get the most out of the group, you will be expected to participate, but I will not tell you what to say.

Some common questions and concerns…


Some groups are ongoing, and some run for set periods. Groups usually run for 90 to 120 minutes. Sessions are usually held in the evenings or on weekends. The Ex-Cult Member group is a drop-in group, but others may run for several weeks at a time, usually 6 – 10.


All groups will be held in the office (currently limited) or remotely via Telehealth. Telehealth is a HIPAA-compliant form of audio/video app that allows online therapy to occur in privacy.


Some people are shy or afraid to share with others. Some people are afraid to join a group just after they have left one – ‘do I really want to join another group?’ Others are not sure if they will be respected or heard. They may not feel safe.

You are not required to speak, but we would love it if you do. Please make an effort, but it is not a requirement.

People are often surprised to feel a sense of relief when they meet other group members who have a lot in common with them. They may have felt that they were alone in their struggles in the past. My goal is to help you discover the things you have in common with others and to ensure that you feel secure in sharing your feelings and point of view.

I will not disclose things shared privately without your permission. We ask all group members to keep what is said in confidence. You can leave the group at any time.


The ability and willingness to keep communication confidential is a requirement of group membership.

Communication between group members during group sessions will be held in confidence and is limited to group members only. Your communication with me will likewise remain confidential.

Ready to start feeling better? Join now!

If you are interested, call me for an individual appointment so we can figure out what group will be best for you.

If in talking we identify a group that would be beneficial but it’s not yet in place, we can agree to start one! We’ll create a waiting list and start the group when it has enough members to support it.

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